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*whispers* how about the 10 minute version of all too well taylorswift?


So, taylorswift, today is my birthday.
I’m listening to Superstar and I’m actually crying thinking about you noticing me today.
Because, you know, all I want for my birthday is you noticing me, I’m not asking for you coming to my house with a sparkly guitar singing “Happy Birthday” to me (I would immediately die if u did). Just a like, a reblog, a picture of Meredith with a birthday hat, whatever you want.

Plase, can you make this day the best birthday of my whole life?

Please reblog this, it’s very important


When you think Europe, I hope you think of ITALY. taylorswift

“ There’s a reason that kiss didn’t work and it’s not what everyone thinks. I’m in love with someone else.